Identity documents play a vital role in immigration flow control and country internal security. 
Government agencies and State security departments need long-term, robust solutions that keep well ahead of criminals.

Identity documents are the heartland of our expertise and experience. Over the last 3 decades, we have delivered different generations of document authentication and protection systems for governments and other authorities.

We provide solutions that ensure the authenticity of identity and travel documents and also the protection of personal data, for paper and plastic substrates. Our global expertise and experience in the authentication and protection of government identification documents allow us to offer a full range of products, from optical laminating films, personalization systems, to document databases and automated authentication applications and software.


Surys Application Identity



The most efficient and easy to control optical security features for documents, designed either for embedding inside polycarbonate documents or for lamination on plastic or paper documents


Volume holography and colores personalization system


Camera-readable optical element that can be combined with visual authentication features and provides easy automated authentication using a smartphone App

Passport Printers

Based on the innovative print technology of Hewlett Packard, easy to operate and greatly versatile, SURYS passport printers opens a new realm on personalization system combining high technology with pure sense of aesthetic.

Passport Laminators

Inspired by years of experience in security laminates for documents...

Keesing ID AuthentiScan™

Based on the world #1 ID document database, automated assistance for the authentication of documents, and building an auditable track record

They trust us

Passports: Argentina, Belgium, Bangladesh, Benin, Bolivia, Brazil, Democratic Republic of Congo, Egypt, Estonia, France, Gabon, Georgia, Indonesia, Kenya, Kuwait, Latvia, Lesotho, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, People’s Republic of China, Philippines, Senegal, Slovakia, Sweden, Tonga, Turkey 


ID and Police cards: Algeria, Angola, Bahrain, Belgium, Cape Verde, Cyprus, El Salvador, France, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Ivory Coast, Korea, Lithuania, Mexico, People’s Republic of China, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, SFOR (NATO forces), Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Taiwan, UAE, Ukraine


Visas: Algeria, Benin, Ivory Coast, Croatia, Dominican Republic, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, United Arab Emirates


Drivers’ Licenses: Austria, Belgium, Canada (states), Cyprus, France, Hungary, Iceland, Ivory Coast, Luxembourg, Malta, Morocco, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam