Worldwide presence

Our 14,000 m² main site is located outside Paris. Sales and production units can also be found in Poland, The Netherlands, Latin America and North America which explains why international sales account for 90% of revenue.

The head office provides technological expertise on optical solutions, micro and nano structures, and surface grating holograms. The security of hologram production is guaranteed by the completion of all manufacturing processes under one roof.

SURYS Polska

Because proximity is at the heart of our values, we have an office in Polska to enable us to support our clients as closely as possible on a daily basis in the area. 

SURYS Middle East

Because proximity is at the heart of our values, we have an office in Dubai to enable us to support our clients as closely as possible on a daily basis in the area. 

SURYS Research

SURYS Research GmbH is the HoloID™ expertise center specialized in designing, mastering and manufacturing volume holograms produced on photopolymers.
The team consists of experts in optics, chemistry and electrical engineering with over 40 years experience in holography and optoelectronics. Among many other projects, they developped the original technology of the new German ID card and passport (Identigram™).

SURYS North America

Based in Connecticut, USA, SecureMark Technologies designs and manufactures security holograms and labels as well as authentication and traceability solutions for brand names and products.
They are the expertise center for retro-reflective, tamper evident and destructible security materials, labels and decals for vehicle protection, tax revenue control and anti-counterfeiting solutions.


SURYS Research GmbH is the expertise center specialized in designing, mastering and manufacturinf personalisation system. 

Keesing Technologies

Located in Amsterdam, Keesing Technologies offers tailored solutions ID document and banknote checking.

Keesing Technologies have developed world leading ID checking solutions that are easy to work with and do not require any specialist operating knowledge. Every day our ID checking solutions are used by a wide variety of organisations such as financial institutions, government agencies, temporary employment agencies, telecom providers, vehicle rental organisations, airlines and logistics providers.
Keesing Documentchecker gives you access to the world’s most comprehensive reference database for ID documents and banknotes. The database contains detailed descriptions and high-res images of thousands of passports, ID cards, driving licenses, visas and banknotes  from over 200 countries and organisations. Including their security features.
To safeguard the quality of the database, Keesing closely cooperates with international government agencies. Documentchecker is available via internet and intranet (DVD).

Worldwide locations

SURYS Head Office

Parc d’Activités Gustave Eiffel – 22, avenue de l’Europe – Bussy-St-Georges –  77607 Marne-la Vallée Cedex 3 – France – Phone: +33 1 64 76 31 00

SURYS Middle East FZ LLC
Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZA), Office 604, 4 East Wing, Block A  – PO Box: 293865 – Dubai – UAE

SURYS Polska
Plac Solny 16 – 50-062 Wroclaw – Poland – Phone: +48 71 722 42 35

SURYS Research
Melchior-Huber-Str. 25 – D-85652 Ottersberg – Germany –  Phone: +49 8121 9925-0

SURYS North America 
20 Nutmeg Drive – Trumbull, CT 06611 – USA – Phone: +1 (203) 333-5503

Benzstr.21 – D-64807 Dieburg –  Germany

Keesing Technologies
Hogehilweg 17 – 1101 CB Amsterdam – The Netherlands – Phone: +31 20 7157 800