Hugues Souparis, founder & ceo


When confidence exists, exchange can flow freely between people and across borders and society thrives. The reliability of identity, the confidence in banknotes and the authenticity of goods are therefore key enablers of openness.

Challenges to this confidence continue to evolve and increase and so our answers must always stay ahead, anticipating, improving and protecting people and goods.

Our contribution to a better world is to defeat counterfeiters through our commitment to invent, develop and offer the very highest standards of security, giving governments, central banks and corporations the tools they need to win the battle against crime.

President & Founder


Surys - Hologram Industries

Nearly three decades ago, inspired by the rich potential of holographic science, we began to design solutions to the world’s authentication challenges.


Surys - Hologram Industries

Through innovation and targeted strategic acquisitions, SURYS has become a global security leader in the authentication

R&D, innovation and IP

Surys - Hologram Industries

All teams from sales to research, as well as manufacturing contribute to setting priorities for the development of new solutions

Certifications and accreditations

Surys - Hologram Industries

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Surys - Hologram Industries


Surys - Hologram Industries