SURYS selects and combines its proprietary technologies to manufacture the most relevant passport security features tailored to customer needs.

With our in-house design studio, we specifically design laminates to reflect the ultimate rules of security feature: Easy to authenticate and difficult to counterfeit.



We design and engineer optical security features for lamination on paper documents.  Being an expert in Identity security for 35 years, we have developed ultra-thin films for transfer onto passport data page and reverse printing on paper documents.

Step into the SURYS world to discover a selection of high security laminates:

– The Alphagram™ demetallized: Best-in-class high definition animated optical image
– The DID™ Alphagram™: 2 color permutation transparent high security zero order device combined with high diffractive effects
– The DID™ Select:  DID™ pieces spread over the entire document significantly enhancing the contrast for better visibility and readability of the document
– The HoloID: Personalized volume holography



We specifically design optical security features for perfect embedding into polycarbonate document. By essence, the zero-grating of the DID™ perfectly suits the lamination of polycarbonate data pages for unambiguous high-quality results.

– The DID™ Inlay: High security patch strategically positioned on the document
– The DID™ Shape: DID™ elements distributed either on small areas or on the whole surface of the document



We have teamed up with our subsidiary in Germany to develop highly secure inkjet printers for machine readable passport booklets and engineered a stand-alone passport lamination system based on an innovative press technology that perfectly suits the new generation of ultra-thin laminates.

We have also launched a Modular all-in-one passport personalization system that can integrate all the different functional modules you may need, from printing to lamination and quality control, including optional stacking, unstacking, RFID reading and encoding, for middle-sized centralized and also decentralized operation.

All technologies can include overt, covert and forensic features.

Surys - Applications - Identity
Surys - Applications - Identity
Surys - Applications - Identity
Surys - Applications - Identity
Surys - Applications - Identity
Surys - Applications - Identity
Surys - Applications - Identity