Carplate Solutions


SURYS offers car plate labels as a first answer to car plate trafficking.

As a security upgrade on an existing car plate, SURYS car plate labels are easy to implement into current issuing process and fully compliant with car plates lifecycle. Featuring a high-security DOVID, their eye-catching properties facilitate controls.

and are easy to remember.



As a complete system, the Optoplate™ solution guarantees the authenticity of car plates at different stages while ensuring their efficient traceability. Each consumable part involved in the production of car plates is highly secured and traced.

High security

The Optoplate™ is highly secured and easy to authenticate from a distance through different security features:

– Holographic label: High-security hologram designs and manufacturing has been the core business of SURYS for over 30 years. This field-proven experience guarantees the use of state-of-the art security features specially designed for the Optoplate™ application
– Personalized Retroreflective foil with metallic marks reflecting the light with the same angle as the incident angle which creates a good visibility of the license plate number.
– Personalized lenticular effect which combined with a specific high definition digital personalization creates a “Moiré” effect.

High durability

The Optoplate™ high durability is bestowed by its structure which is the combination of several components:

– An acrylic plate
– A tamper-evident holographic insert
– A high performance adhesive
– A secured retro-reflective foil

High personalized definition

The Optoplate™ is designed to be easily personalized, which is one of its key assets. Indeed, the personalization of the Optoplate™ is done by digital printing onto the retro-reflective foil prior to protecting it with the acrylic plate.

The Optoplate™ can be issued at a car plate dealer or through a centralized car plate manufacturing process.


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