R&D, Innovation & Intellectual Property

Here at SURYS, Innovation is a core value. All teams from sales to research as well as manufacturing contribute to setting priorities for the development of new solutions. To continuously elaborate never-before-seen technologies in the fields of optics, chemistry, physics, material science, advanced digital processes, and equipment we reinvest on average 10% of our annual turnover in R&D.

As part of our constant quest for innovative solutions, we closely monitor technological developments to stay ahead of counterfeiters and provide our business partners with the most forward-thinking products. Our deep understanding of the fast evolving challenges of our time is what established our leadership status in innovation. 

Our active research and development takes place in-house and results in new solutions that create on-going confidence. Our integrated state-of-the-art laboratories include Optical, Photopolymer, Materials, and Digital Laboratories.

– The Optical Laboratory uses analog and digital tools to create security images that are easy to remember, easy to authenticate, and highly resistant to counterfeiting.

– The Materials Laboratory produces and tests high fidelity reproduction materials and adhesives.

– The Digital Laboratory develops innovative software and systems, digital signatures, image analysis, and internet monitoring.

This is where SURYS has been pioneering a variety of new products every year for now 30 years, several of which have received international awards.

Our experts collaborate with doctoral students and universities like the UTT of Troyes and IMT Atlantique (previouslyTélécom Bretagne), as well as private laboratories on long term R&D programs. This extensive and cooperative R&D activity is what enables us to file approximatively 10 patents a year. Parallel to the ongoing scientific development, SURYS also maintains an active IP policy. Most of the group’s sales revenue comes from our patented products and more than 300 security image copyrights are filed with IHMA.  

Because for us innovation is of paramount importance in each and every step, we also continuously seek new ways to further improve our internal proceedings and equipment.