Nowadays, the vehicles market faces multiple hardships including theft, the black and grey markets and the lack of insurance or technical check. These latter are putting the citizens at risk and are creating tremendous revenue losses for the governments.

To tackle these issues, SURYS has developed field-proven high security solutions for Vehicle identification. From the conception of the design to the final physical application, SURYS engineers tailor-made solutions. These solutions are easy to apply, easy to authenticate and difficult to counterfeit. They identify and secure as well as connect the vehicle, the owner and his rights. 



Surys Application Identity


Windshield solutions

SURYS developed a specific range of serialized and Print-on-demand windshield labels

Carplate solutions

SURYS offers car plate labels as a first answer to car plate trafficking

Vehicle identification system

SURYS developed a complete system for vehicle identification

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Registration Certificates: Ivory Coast, France, Latvia, Morocco, Poland, Sierra Leone, Slovakia, Tunisia, Turkmenistan

Vehicle Identification Systems:
Chiapas, Guatemala, Honduras, Hungary, Jordan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, , Peru, Poland, Rwanda, Serbia, Sierra Leone, Slovenia, United States of America (states)