This journey has started nearly three decades ago when inspired by the rich potential of holographic science and propelled by our relentless quest for innovation, we began to design solutions to the world’s authentication challenges. In 2015, we changed our name from Hologram Industries to SURYS, which conveys better the breadth of our present offer.


Premises: The first chapter of Surys

Holographic science applied to communication images


Hugues Souparis and Denis Lachaud create SURYS, at the time Hologram Industries, one of the first companies in France (and in the world) to introduce the use of holographic imaging for commercial application.


Hologram Industries diversifies and starts to conceive security holograms for identification cards, after years of making holograms solely for communication purposes.



Specialization in Optical security and promising investments 

The shaping of a new security driven path and Surys’ first steps on the international scene


The company decides to focus exclusively on the conception, the manufacturing and the commercialisation of security holograms. These high-end holograms are intended for the Banknote, Identity and Brands & Products markets. The same year, Hologram Industries creates the subsidiary Hologram Industries Polska to meet their increasing production needs.


Hologram Industries settles in Marne-La-Vallée, near Paris, to develop the production under high security conditions.


Hologram Industries is listed on the Paris Stock Exchange (now Euronext) and is selected by the European Central Bank to design holograms for the high denominations of the Euro.


Hologram Industries launches the HOLOCIS™ in Poland, a high security personalized optical label which protects vehicles, and the company’s first large-scale project. Just a few years after introduction, the country has seen its number of cars stolen decrease of 75% .  Several countries adopt the system as well: Latvia, Lithuania, Hungaria… 



Growth and diversification

An expansion of the company and a widening of the product offering in adequation with the ever evolving needs of our clients


The factory has doubled in size and important investments are made, this enables Hologram Industries to significantly increase its production capacity while keeping on advancing the research on optical images and support films.


Hologram Industries launches the DID™ on Slovakia passports. The DID™, an efficient and easy to control optical security feature for identity documents, achieved rapid success and became the signature of SURYS.


Hologram Industries acquires Daussmann Holographics, Germany, a laboratory specialized in optical and holographic research. 


Hologram Industries acquires Advestigo, France, a company specialized in digital anti-piracy and SecureMark Decal, USA, specialized in security label printing.



Standing the test of time

Expanding further and crafting technologies relevant to the new challenges of the decade 


Hologram Industries acquires Keesing Reference Systems BV, Netherlands, publisher of the world’s largest database of reference documents (banknotes and identity) and Label System Authentication, USA, a manufacturer of security and holographic labels for brand protection. It also launches the first DID™ on banknote: on the 500 and 100 Piso banknotes in the Philippines. Banknote and ID are the key successful markets of the company.


Hologram Industries launches the Optical Smart™ product family which consists of camera-readable optical element that can be combined with visual authentication features and provides easy automated authentication using a smartphone App, as well as a unique and secure track and trace system. The company also establishes further in the US by opening a production site in Trumbull, Connecticut.


Hologram Industries acquires Trigenion GmbH, now named SURYS GmbH, a company specialized in the design and production of ID personalization systems; and launches the Plasmogram™, a technology designed for windowed documents.


Hologram Industries’ offer has changed over time, evolving from the production of holograms into a broad security offer, including more optical solutions as well as digital solutions. The name of Hologram Industries no longer accurately conveyed the breadth of its offer so it changes its name, to SURYS.  SURYS evokes security systems, sureness and confidence, which is the ultimate benefit of all we do.


Since December 2019, SURYS is part of IN Groupe, a global specialist in secure identity and digital services. This acquisition strengthens the position of IN Groupe as a leader in security for identity, banking and fiduciary payments. SURYS expertise in the authentication and protection of the variable data in document and image analysis will complement IN Groupe’s overall offering, particularly in the area of secure components.