Personalization systems

Passport printers

SURYS offers a wide range of highly secure inkjet printers for machine readable passport booklets based on the innovative print technology of Hewlett Packard. Easy to operate and greatly versatile, SURYS passport printers opens a new realm on personalization system combining high technology with pure sense of aesthetic.

High performance
Engineered to offer the best performance, SURYS passport printers allow personalization of more than 10 000 passport booklets up to 96 pages in 12 seconds.

The SURYS printer firmware enables the printing of the datapage in two passes – with the text in text mode and portrait in photo mode which increases both quality and productivity.

Optional UV prints
Invisible UV colors and visible colors can be simultaneously printed for a sophisticated and secure personalization.


Passport laminators

Inspired by years of experience in security laminates for documents, SURYS masters the bonding process of holographic layers onto a personalized passport datapage. SURYS has engineered a stand-alone passport lamination system based on an innovative press technology that perfectly suits the new generation of ultra-thin laminates.

Innovative lamination process
SURYS enables two types of application:

– A sheet lamination where pressure is applied on a small effective contact zone for low lamination and limited boundind.

– A roll lamination where pressure is applied simultaneously on the entire surface of the datapage enabling an efficient bounding whilst preserving the gloss of the laminate and the brightness of the gratings.

Ease of operation
User-friendly interface and status touch screen enabling easy configuration and control of process settings adjusting speed and temperature for optimal results.



SURYS launch a Modular all-in-one passport personalization system that can integrate all the different functional modules you may need, from printing to lamination and quality control, including optional stacking, unstacking, RFID reading and encoding, for middle-sized centralized and also decentralized operation.

State of the art solution
Modularity and flexibility are the key principles behind this personalization equipment concept, designed to offer smooth daily operations and a high level of scalability and availability.

100% customizable solution
All the components are assembled to meet each specific need. Each module or ‘cube’ has been designed to be added or removed on demand in order to build tailor-made personalization lines.