Transparent holographic high security laminates

SURYS has developed OPTOSEAL™, a system of tamper evident transparent foils designed for a wide variety of media as well as for various personalization systems:

> Inkjet printing
> Dye sublimation
> Laser engraving

Thanks to their brightness and their perfect transparency, those foils guarantee the authentication of the documents and protect the personal data.

Optoseal™ offers a large selection of exclusive options, particularly thanks to DID™ optical technology, making it impossible to copy with inks, metallic varnishes, liquid crystals, or any other traditional holographic techniques.

Very high level traditional OVD such as Alphagram™ are available with many variants: achromatic effects, morphing, color animation.

Metallic graphic elements can be added through a high definition metal shaping process;

The combination of above technologies provides unrivalled resistance to counterfeiting.

Surys - Applications - Vehicles
Surys - Applications - Vehicles
Surys - Applications - Vehicles
Surys - Applications - Vehicles