Optical Smart™

Camera-readable optical element that can be combined with visual authentication features and provides easy automated authentication using a smartphone App

Optical Smart™
Combining SURYS expertize in optical science and in digital science, we have developped specific optical features diffracting an optical signal that can be captured, analyse and authenticate by a smarthone.
Adding unique encrypted coding on each Optical Smart™ OVD, the device provides a unique security key for access to a secure track and trace system.
Two products are proposed on the basis of Optical Smart™ technology, Optokey™ and Drop™

Optokey™ security OVD are developed to be applied directly on a product or a document. They combine overt, covert and forensic security levels.
They present an additional outstanding second level security feature: automated authentication functionality, readable with a Smartphone. The application – working in tandem with a magnifier adds on the Smartphone (iPhone or Android) – captures simultaneousely optical readdable feature and the encrypted data matrix, recognizes and authenticates the label. The Optokey™ allow connectivity only for optically verified genuine items.

DROP™ OVD offers higher security level of authentication, each OVD being enrolled in a database, every OVD being unique. DROP™ OVD use the latest technology and combine optical security with digital authentication features. The automated authentication by smartphone relies on the combination of the analysis of the optical signal of the feature and of the unique image signature stored in the data-base.
Thanks to Optical Smart™  solutions each OVD can be identified individually and tracked.
The Drop™ fingerprint can include the image fingerprint of the whole datapage, including the bearer photo.